About Us

From Our Family To Yours:

Boise Idaho Happy family

     We created this company for other families like ours.  We are sure you want the very best for your family and your home.  So do we!  Because of that, our cleaning systems have been designed to remove the greatest amount of soil and pollutants from your carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces, and drapes without leaving behind contaminants and sticky residues.


     So many cleaning companies use low-end, inexpensive cleaners that if not rinsed properly can actually cause permanent damage or discolor what is being cleaned.  They can also cause rapid re-soiling, skin irritation or even worse chemical burns.  Like you, we love our kids and pets too much to ever use anything like that. That is why we always use a RESIDUE FREE RINSE. This promotes the cleanest carpets and soft fabrics that actually stay clean!


     Not to mention, most cleaning companies in an effort to be profitable rush from home to home, pet soiled home to possibly your home without ever attempting to sanitize their equipment, subsequently they drag all sorts of unwanted contaminants into your home and you paid them to put them there.  That’s just wrong!  We always SANITIZE our equipment between each job, guaranteeing that no outside contaminates are introduced to your home.


     We can hardly wait for YOU to experience the Ultimate Cleaning Difference.  As you will find out, our cleaners, our machines, our technicians are the very best and among the safest in the industry giving you Amazing Results.


     Not only that, we sanitize our equipment before visiting your home and you will never have to worry about the high pitched, arm twisting sales tactics used by some of the less than ethical cleaning companies out there.  Your cleaning experience from Ultimate will be so stress-free and easy, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Thank you and we truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Jeremy and Jennifer Higley